Friday, January 18, 2008

Top Ten List

1. Flipping back & forth: This gets the reader more excited because it starts new stories when you're bored, and cuts them off when you're excited, so you'll want to read more.

2. Bringing characters together: In all of Hiaasen's books, he flips back and forth between characters. Near the end of the book, most, if not, all of the characters end up in one spot together.

3. 3rd Person: This helps the reader's understanding of all characters alike.

4. Dealey the Photographer: Without Dealey the photographer, Piejack wouldn't have tried to find Honey at the island. Or the climax, for that matter.

5. Honey Santana: Honey helped us out alot in terms of bringing everyone together, because she brought Boyd and Eugine together, and following them was Dealey the photographer.

6. Florida: It'd be tough to permit kayaking and swimming if it weren't for Florida's warm weather.

7. The Gibson Guitar: The Gibson guitar is a great significance, because throughout the book, Sammy is constantly strumming it and it is used to kill Louis Piejack.

8. Fry Santana: Without Fry, Honey would be kidnapped, raped, and possibly killed, because he was the one who informed his father about Louis Piejack going to the Ten Thousand Islands.

9. Louis Piejack's faulty sewed fingers: These faulty fingers made it tough for Louis to perform daily activity, like brushing his teeth, kidnapping Honey, taking out the trash, taking large doses of pain killers.

10. The Ten Thousand Islands: These islands added humor, romance, conflict, and a climax to the book, with its maze like setting.

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