Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Week 4, Pages 137 to 171

Post A

(Page 173) Tweezing: To handle or work with tweezers.
(Page 177) Bullshitter: nonsense, lies, or exaggeration.

Figurative Language:
(Page 173) "She's quite the comedian" It shows she was sarcastic and messed with people alot.
(Page 183) "At the strip joint, the men drank festively but set no records" This shows that they didn't drink enough to get "hammered" as the cool kids say.
(Page 184) "Sammy Tigertail had known she was poison, yet he'd willingly opened his veins." Sammy knew that he would fall in love with this college girl. But he let it have it on himself.

Significant Quote:
"And then Boyd did what he did best. Absolutely nothing."
This shows Boyd is lazy as hell.

Make the best of an experience.

Post B
On the night of Boyd and Eugine's arrival, they are shocked and disappointed to see that the "Nature Site" that they were going to was a trailer with monkeys and other wild animals painted on it. Eugine being needy and expecting more, was infuriated by Boyd's decisions. Honey overhears conversation of Eugine's anger and frustration. It doesn't matter to Honey though, the one thing she wants to see is Boyd in sorrow. They are set to depart in the morning.
Meanwhile, Louis Piejack and Dealey the photographer are on Louis' Johnboat, looking for Honey as she kayak's the Ten Thousand Islands. They stop on an island where they see the kayaks. As they walk in, Dealey threatens to leave Piejack and find his own way back. This sets Piejack off, and he starts beating him up. As he is about to hit him once more, Sammy Tigertail comes up and hits Louis in the head with his gun. Knocking him to the ground.Assuming he is dead, Dealey is taken back to Sammy and Gillian's campsite.
While Honey entertains her "visitors," Fry is sent to his dad's house. When he stumbles upon Piejack and Dealey driving away in a pickup, he knows that it's regarding his mother. So he quickly runs to his father for help. His father, Perry Skinner is told and follows him on his motorcycle. During this, Fry runs into a dump truck while skateboarding to school. So his father gets the call while trying to find Piejack, picks him up from the hospital, gives him a football helmet to avoid further concussion. They later board a boat, and take off to get Louis Piejack.

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