Sunday, September 23, 2007

Anne Lamott- Part I- Pages 3-18

To get you familiar with this book, it is told in 1st person by Anne Lamott herself. She tells her stories about her drug life, and her growing faith in god, yet in a humorous way, as told on the back of the book. Now, to sumarize the following pages 3-18, Anne Lamott was born in a small green house,by the railroad tracks near San Fransisco CA with an older and younger brother. Her parents were non-religious people, and never spoke of it, despite that, she made friends with a catholic girl at the age 5, with a mom who made pies with the berries they picked frequently. She spent hours at that house. She also went to church with them, and enjoyed every minute of it, this would be an example of her growing faith in god.
Years later, around the age 13 or so, Anne and her family moved into a castle... Yes, a castle, it even had trapdoors and a dungeon. It was built by a German newlywed couple, with a husband willing to go such an extent to make his wife feel at home in California. Anne made friends with more relgious folk, this time, she met a friend named Shelly, with a mother who was a christian scientist, which Anne's father thought, were more crazy than the catholic relgion. Well, as the financial stress built up in the castle, more alcohol was served, and when Anne was age 13, everyone in the family was drinking alcohol, with the exception of her mother, who had a dream of attending law school.
As the years progressed, Anne was 16, and she was driving in the station wagon with Bee, and her mother. Where after that, she was playing tennis, and drinking and smoking pot on the beach. Often she had access to these from her dad, who actually did these things with them, along with his friends. Her mom accomplished her dream of law school, and was often out of the house, or the castle.

I think Anne is going to go downhill, like most druggies go. Despite her good grades, I think she'll slowing slide into addiction...

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