Saturday, September 29, 2007

Anne Lamott- Post II- Pages 18-51

As Anne makes her way through high school, she is getting fabulous grades. She doesn't even have any idea that a B+ is a good grade. Her tennis career continued to progress as she approaches the summer of 1970. She had a party-filled high school life. For instance: Smoking marijuana, drinking, partying on boats, lah dee dah. She wasn't exactly friends with many super-religous folk as she was in her early childhood. She spent more time with her religous friends in college.
In college, Anne found that the Jewish people were very cool people, and from her confusion in religion, she decided to start studying Judism. She went so far with Judism that she actually had a Batmitsfah too.
When Annne was twenty three, and out of college for four years, and living with her dad and little brother in a cabin at Duxberry Reef. Her mother was a lawyer in Honolulu by then. Unfortunetly, Anne and her brother found out that her father had a brain tumor, and was going to die in a few years. As those few years passed, and her father did pass away, Anne's depression grew, and so did the amount of drinks and dope. After breaking up with her boyfriend whom she thought she loved she decided to ask about living with some people she used to babysit for about a year. Every day after the people would go to bed, she would at least get tipsy. After that, she moved into her own houseboat. During that time, she got pregnant with her newest boyfriend, but with realization that she couldn't handle that financially or physically she decided to get an abortion. This added even more depression since her father died. So obviously more booze was brought into the subject, but this time, she has church to pull her up once again.

Loaded Words:
Inconsistently, Page 19,positive
Perplexed, Page 19,negative
Okness, Page 20,positive
Emboldened, Page 22,negative
Unimaginable, Page 27,postive
Menstruating, Page 29,negative
Extricate, Page 42,negative
crummy, page 45, negative
impoverished, page 46, postive
appaled, page 50, negative

Ha! I was right. She definetly couldn't handle it. I have a feeling this could get worse...

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