Sunday, October 7, 2007

Anne Lamott- Post III- Pages 51-88

One early morning in 1986, Anne woke up feeling very ill, and in such dispair, that she thought she was going to die, or quit drinking. So, she took the right of way, and put herself into treatment. After months of friendly treatment, she was out, and ready to get babtised at the church of St. Andrew. Two years later, Anne was pregnant with her boyfriend, and this time, she decides to keep it. In 1989, her first born child, Sam is born.
Later that year, Anne's good friend Pammy is diagnosed with breast cancer, and is beginning to be treated with agressive chemotherapy. So, Anne has two new jobs this year, nursing her best friend, and taking care of Sam.
It is 1992, Sam is three, and Anne is going through some depression over the loss of her most recent whom she thought was the one, she also found out that life is hard without Pammy. She later meets new friends, Tom and Pammy. So, to get away from it all, they go to Ixtapa Mexico.
Two days before Sam turned seven. Anne and him were in Idaho. On one of their daily
mother son walks, they encounter a paraglider, and because Sam's birthday is in 2 days, he is invited to paraglide with a professional, but being compelled by tense mothers, and christian mothers who send their prays for his safety, Anne decides to call it off.

Honestly Hatten, why would we have to do research on the author if we're already reading her life story?

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