Monday, October 8, 2007

Homework - October 8th 2007

Ahh... Diving Bell and the Butterfly... I don't think I have read a more depressing piece of writing. I'm not gonna be Mr. Negative about this whole thing, because it was a very interesting piece of writting. It's amazing that someone could write such a book with such loaded words with literally wink upon wink of the eye.
Obviously the reason why i found Diving Bell to be so depressing, was because this man, Jean, was just laying on his back 24/7, describing his lifestyle of unswallowed saliva, and never eating food through the mouth again. Just to top it off though, he recalls on his pre-coma moments with sausage and ability to do typical human things. The guy can't even speak in his own dreams, I suppose that shows how brutally locked in syndrome can affect you.
Now, despite how depressing this books was, what more could you get? I think it would be hard find someone who is dead on the outside, and alive on the inside, and by alive, I mean with the gift of thought, and not spirit.
What I found interesting, was the Jean's perspective on when he had his stroke, mentioning while laying and sweating in the back of a BMW that you're going to be late to a play, but the words won't come out. And as the the tention grows, so does The Beatles song, A Day In Life, when it gets to the fast orchestral part.

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