Sunday, October 14, 2007

Anne Lamott- Post IV- Pages 88-115

Anne is back home with her son Sam. Who is about to experience his first Ash Wednesday that Anne will introduce him to. Anne also explains throughout the chapter about Sam and church. Prayer is Anne's weapon against problems. It appears to be working throughout some parts of the book. For Instance, Anne bought a new Volkswagen convertable, and as she pulls up to a red light, it dies. So people are yelling and yelling behind her to go. She starts crying and starts praying. Once she is done, i man comes up to her and says "Need help? I'll push, you steer." and Anne is safe on the sidewalk to keep traffic flowing.
If you remember from the beginning of the book, Anne has a friend named Bee. Well now her mom is dying of a rare blood disease, and now Anne frequently visits her.

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