Friday, October 19, 2007

Anne Lamott- Post V- Pages 115-200

To start things off, Anne is having her first encounters with teachers and parents. Thanks to Sam's first grade class. She meets a new friend whom she just doesn't like. The woman is awfully kind, but Anne just feels a hatred toward her. This lady doesn't have a name in the book, she is reffered to as "My Enemy." This chapter expresses forgiveness. Throughout it, she just goes on about her enemy. But later, she soon discovers while tying Sam's shoe, that she is actually one of the nicest people she has ever met. She has gone through divorce, she has remained kind to Anne when she expresses her political views against her. So she forgives her. Hence the chapter name, Forgiveness.
As Anne and Sam prepare their trip to Mexico, Sam has to get his blood tested. When it gets tested, they discover that the blood is looking strange to them. This is when Anne discovers that God is always in the bathroom... Yes, the bathroom. She often goes in there and sits on the toilet, weeps, and prays. It's a good place to be alone for her. Later on, the doctors tell her that the blood is just some uninteresting allergy.

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