Saturday, December 15, 2007

Week 2, Pages 48-82

Post A
(Page 63)Upscale: adj. Elegant or upscale.
(Page 65) Inquire: v. To seek information by questioning.

Figurative Language
"But then he was only a teenager, stoked with idealism and newfound pride."
This metaphorical quote is significant to Sammy Tigertail because he is half Native American, and has been proud of it since the day he discovered it.
"His wife's uncanny mimicry left him numb with confusion."
During this scene, after Lily, Boyd's wife had found out he was cheating on her. Lily still hasn't brought it up, and is trying to torment him and make him has uncomfortable as possible.
"To maintain a clear view of the beach, he slashed one arm back and forth like a windshield wiper, through the buzzing horde."
This simile gives a good perspective of how buggy those southern Florida swamps are.

"And disappointment- corrosive and bottomless disappointment- in her only son, who after thirty five years had failed to distinguish himself either professionally or socially, displaying to Della's hardened eye not a speck of ambition."
This quote signifies that Boyd Shreave is a very uninteresting fellow, this is mentioned throughout the book.
My theme for this post would be to always be honest, because in the event of emergency, your lies may be revealed.

Post B
Sammy Tigertail has taken his business on foot. Into the depths of the buggy humid Florida swamps. He has encountered some teenagers camping out, blaring music, and drinking beer. So Sammy decides to steal one of their kayaks for punishment. As he proceeds to take one while they're sleeping. One of the girls wakes up, and is rambling on about her life at school, and sex life. As Sammy tries to ignore her, she asks to take her with him. When Sammy refuses, she threatens to scream. And that's when they're off.
Boyd Shreave is continuing to cheat on Lily with the young Eugine Fonda. Lily's detective manages to get video of the unlawful couple making love on the couch. When Lily sees the video she watches closely and decides that it isn't valid enough for her taste. So she offers $10,000 to the detective to go closer into the footage, by following Boyd and Eugine as they take a trip to the Ten Thousand Islands.
Well, this Ten Thousand Islands trip is actually a scam provided by Honey Santana. She pretended to be an advertiser, and Boyd gladly accepted, as a way to get away from Lily, and be with Eugine. Honey is using this trip to meet up with them on Kayaks, and do what God only knows what she'll do. We will find out!... Next Post.

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