Thursday, December 6, 2007

Week 1, Pages 1-47

Post A

(Page 18)Dyspeptic, adj: To be gloomy, pessimistic, and irritable.
(Page 27)Bewitchment,noun: A magical spell.

Figurative Language:
(Page 23)"The woman had made the tree cutter out to be a stallion in the bedroom"
This clearly shows that it is figurative because it's quite obvious that you can't suddenly become a horse in the bedroom. I would go into depth, but I think you know why it could be an awkward subject to bring up via school blog.
(Page 26)"...battling uncontrollable spells of apprehension and dread;"
This is figurative because it's obvious that "going crazy" doesn't come to you through a spell, but yet through harsh times at home and work alike.
(Page 44) "When Eugenie Fonda passed him a playful not, Sacco swatted it away as if it were a scorpion."
This is figurative due to the "as if," making it a similie.

Significant Quote:
"It was during that wrenching time where Honey began hearing musical static in her head."
This shows that Honey is mentally unstable, which gives you a good idea of why she tends to take such serious actions on such small things.

A theme in this book, is to always make significant choices. You never know what could come around the corner.

Part B
The book "Nature Girl" is split into different character perspectives. So far I have encountered three. The first one takes place on a swampy river with a half-Native man named Sammy Tigertail who is at his first day of work as a boat tour guide. With such lack of business going on, Sammy takes one Midwestern tourist out named Wilson. He and Wilson go out, and later, a water snake pops out, and goes into Wilson's mouth. With such shock, Wilson dies of a heart attack, and the snake is completely harmless. Sammy disposes of the body by misunderstanding his brother, and attaching it to four anchors, and dropping it into the middle of the swamp.
The second perspective is of a mother and son living in a trailer. The mother, Honey, is a divorced woman who is mentally insane. She is perscribed to medicine to calm herself down. When they're about to sit down for dinner, they got a phone call from an advertisement company. Seeing as getting one of those calls before sitting down for dinner can be annoying as hell, Honey begins to talk back to the advertiser named Boyd Eisenhower. Since Boyd is having a bad day, he eventually says to Honey, "Go screw yourself you old dried-up skank!" and hangs up the phone.
You may guess that the third perspective is indeed Boyd Eisenhower. His real name is actually Boyd Shreave, the reason he chose Eisenhower, was so people couldn't report his last name. Boyd shreave is a married man who lives with a wealthy woman named Lily, but is cheating on her with a girl named Eugine. Showing such obvious evidence the Boyd is cheating on Lily, Lily hires a detective to spy on Boyd and see what he's up to on his spare time. Weeks later, the detective indeed has proof that Boyd is cheating on her.

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