Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Week 5, Pages 172 to 214

Post A

(Page 216)Sublime: elevated or lofty in thought, language.
(Page 221) Telltale: a person who heedlessly or maliciously reveals private or confidential matters; tattler; talebearer.

Figurative Language:
(Page 216) "A wounded man was apt to stir up more trouble than a dead one." When a man is dead, it doesn't matter to the murder as long as he is not found, this does not connect with wounded men.
(Page 222) "as the first shards of light appeared along the pinkish rim of the Everglades, Honey drew in her breath." Shards of light are the first bits of sunlight appearing like shards of glass.
(Page 228) "Piejack opened his jaws and unfurled his tongue, which resembled a scabrous brown sea slug." This shows his tongue is disgusting.

Significant Quote:
"I said I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" The boy hollered. Then he doubled over and puked on Piejack's shoes.
This quote shows how ill the boy is from his garbage truck accident.

Always stay together, never leave anyone alone.

Post B
Boyd and Eugine continue to camp on their island, when they try to escape, they notice the kayaks have been hidden. Oh joy. Meanwhile, Sammy, Gillian, and Dealey are hanging out at their campsite. Fry and Skinner arrive on the island, Skinner decides that it's too dangerous for Fry to join him, so he tells him to stay at the boat.
So as Fry sits there, Eugine comes up and finds him. And decides to help him find his mother and father. Eugine has recently escaped from Boyd and Honey and found Sammy's campsite.

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