Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Week 6, Pages 215 to 304

Post A

(Page 278) Lacerated: mangled; jagged, torn.
(Page 280) Unambiguous: Having or exhibiting no ambiguity or uncertainty, clear.

Figurative Language:
(Page 265) "...which flogged against his thigh until surgical dressing fell off in a putrid husk. "This shows that the bandage on his hand fell off.
(Page 271) "The shot sounded odd, like a firecracker in the toilet." This shows that the sound was odd... obviously.
(Page 296) "He swung his ax like a world series champion." This shows that he used force and precision to swing the ax.

Significant Quote:
Let's get your folks," she said "and get the hell out of here."
This quote signifies that they're preparing for departure, because Louis Piejack is "dead."

Always be protective toward others. Even when your life is threatened, it's still another peson.

Post B
Eugine takes Fry back to the campsite to find Sammy, Gillian, and Dealey. He lays on some sweatshirts when Skinner finds them, and is happy to see Sammy, whom is an old friend. Meanwhile at Honey's campsite, is alone with Boyd. Boyd goes and takes a leak, and he hears Honey's screams. He runs back to see that she is getting tied up by some maniac. This maniac is Louis Piejack. Boyd, being the lazy bastard and careless bastard he is, does nothing and lets Honey get kidnapped.
Louis is on the run! Honey is holding him off by delaying the trip, by using frequent bathroom breaks. Skinner and Sammy are searching, and searching, and searching, but they're having trouble finding Louis. Gillian, Dealey and Eugine get rescued by a helicopter. Leaving Fry behind, to go about his own searches. He comes across Louis and Honey. Honey and Louis tell him to shoo off, but Fry doesn't agree, and decides to "run off" but he comes back and hits Louis with a tree branch. Causing him to fall over, but not get knocked out. More help arrives! Sammy and Skinner come to the scene. Louis takes his shotgun, and threatens to kill Honey if they don't leave. So Sammy asks if he can have his stolen guitar back. And Louis rudely agrees. So Sammy grabs it, and stealthy hits Louis square in the back of his head, shattering his skull to death.

Days later, Skinner is living with Honey again. Taking care of one another's' wounds from the Ten Thousand Islands. Boyd manages to swim his way back to the mainland, and decides he wants to start a new life in Florida, and get away from it all. Dealey tells Lily that he got no shots, and is not doing business with her anymore. He also promised to destroy the video footage of Eugine and Boyd having sex, for Eugine. Sammy maintains his life back at the Ten Thousand Islands.

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