Sunday, December 16, 2007

Week 3, Pages 83-137

Post A
Daiquiri: noun, An iced cocktail of rum, lime or lemon juice, and sugar.
Coronary: noun, Pertaining to the human heart.
Figurative Language
(Page 75)"He looked up and saw her stretch like a sleepy lioness on the Persian carpet."
This quote signifies that Lily is getting comfortable with the floor.
(Page 97)"...his hair was sun-bleached, and his hair was baked caramel brown."
This quote goes to show that Perry works outdoors alot.
(Page 84)"Sammy Tigertail was depressed to think this bubblehead would soon be a school teacher."
By "bubblehead" he means that she just isn't remotely intelligent.
So far, my theme for this part that you should always remain with your current affair, and never have more than one. It will come back to haunt you.

Post B
Welcome to Florida! Lily's photographer has taken his trip to lovely "Flarida." He has gone all out, for this trip with his Cadillac rental car, and full set of video/camera equipment. As he parks in front of the trailer where the lovely cheating couple is staying. He calls Lily telling her he cannot do this. He can't even get out of his car due to the insane neighbor dogs lurking around his car. So Lily jerks the price up to $25,000. This inspires him to dash out of the car, and run up to the trailer and take pictures, when he suddenly gets sited by a certain character, whom is madly in love with Honey Santana, the owner of the trailer. Louis Piejack is the name. Thinking the photographer is getting pictures of Honey, he forces him to join him in his quest to get with Honey, or at least get some shots of him.
Sammy Tigertail has been having a tough time with this college girl, Gillian. She just yabbers on! Driving Sammy insane. But yet, he is not abandoning her, even after Gillian called her boyfriend whom she dumped in the process, telling him that she was fine, and she didn't need a stampede of coast guard boats and choppers to help find her.
Boyd Shreave has taken his journeys to a trailer! Where he will soon be taken away to a beautiful kayak trip through the Ten Thousand Islands. Magnificent.